Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Ramble IV - Tempel 1 - Stardust-NExT Rendezvous Day New Year's Resolutions Checkup

I've been told that Tempel 1 - Stardust-NExT Rendezvous Day* is the day to check on one's progress with one's new year's resolutions, the logic behind that being any you've managed to maintain thus far you will probably keep up with all year. Well, here goes(numbered, in the same order as my resolutions post):

1.Productive stuff....uhhhhhhhh...weeeeeeel....ummmmm, sort of, if you count reading blogs as productive. I mean, really, with Pharyngula, Bad Astronomy, Starts With A Bang, Science Blogs Select and the like, you really do learn something. Aside from blog posts and a little extracurricular research into astronomical phenomena, evolutionary biology and other stuff, that's all I've really been doing so far this year.

2.Blog...I've done that. I have done that.

3. Fiction...Ah. Not exactly. I managed to get in one new chapter for Daemon Days before copping out. Inspiration hasn't exactly come easy. I've procrastinated too much on working out my entry for the Winter Competition, so I won't be able to do what I had planned. I've come up with something else, though, and I think this idea will actually make for a better effect than my first one.

4. Varsity...Cambridge wants straight As... and an A in physics. Drat.

5. Girlfriend...............................

6. See above

7. Licence...not yet

8. Enriching lives blah blah blah...I've done well with the knowledge part, I should think. The love part, see, I am a very angry young man. The stress of not coming out to my family may be a major contributor to that, but I have not done well with the love thing at all.

9. I have yet to be informed of where girlfriends are procured.

*Due to the woeful girlfriend situation, I have decided not to observe Valentine's day this year. Every Astro-geek knows, of course, of that zomgamazing thing that's happening today (technically, tomorrow where I'm at, but who's keeping score?), so I've decided to celebrate that instead.

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