Saturday, January 1, 2011

Random Ramble

New year's resolution time!

  1. I will do at least one productive, non-school related thing every day, be it learning something or adding something to the collective of human knowledge that's out there. I have a lot of stuff that Needs Getting Done, and have been too much of a procrastinator in the past...I really didn't do much worthy of note in 2010. Hope to change that this year, though. Wish me luck!
  2. I will maintain my blog, posting regularly and replying appropriately to any comments.
  3. I will write at least one good piece of fiction of respectable length every week. I have an informal writing competition I wish to enter and have a smashing idea for it that's sure to win it for me, but I just haven't developed it enough. I also have a piece of work that's been a work in progress for over a year now, and I want to get it over and done with within the first quarter.
  4. I will seriously start looking for and securing a place in a good university. Just one year of high school to go!
  5. I will get a girlfriend.
  6. I will kiss her.
  7. I will get my gosh-darned licence. I'm turning 19 this year, for goodness' sake.
  8. I will, overall, work at enriching my experiences, discovering new stuff and also enriching the lives of all those around me with love and knowledge.
  9. And I need that goddamn girlfriend where does one go about getting one?
Cheers all, and have a happy and prosperous 2011

P.S. This blog is has now a part of Planet Atheism!

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