Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'll be praying for you, son

I caught myself thinking something rather odd the other day. We were having family prayers (they, my family were. My mind was mostly elsewhere) and my mom started praying for my three year old brother. She was asking that he grow up to be an obedient boy who loves and worships God. As I said, my mind was just wandering and I just found myself thinking: being the Atheistic, skeptical fellow that I am, what will I be praying for my kids to become?

I was half asleep, in my defence and the irony of my thought was lost to me for quite a while. But this shows quite well how difficult it is to get rid of modes of thought that have been inculcated into you from birth. I'm not worried, though. It was a minor lapse, brought on by slight brain fatigue. I won't be turnin' back to the lord any time soon.

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