Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Devil Wears Prada - HTML Rulez d00d


Oh and yet, I've been cleansed.

And yet I've been cleansed with the water.
A purity no mind can grasp.
A purity so cool upon my fingertips.

The vision that I have seen.
This is the action that spawns from the end.
For the longest time, I've been watching the world breathe again.

What lies here.
What lies here,
Are mountains composed of tombstones, tombstones, tombstones, tombstones.

Examine these beautiful faces, keep singing now, keep singing now.
Examine these beautiful faces, keep singing now.
Examine these beautiful faces. Oh.

Will we push bedlam noise to the state of blissfulness?
Display her beauty to the people, to the people. Oh.

A purity no mind can grasp.
From their album Plagues.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is my vice, my drug, my one greatest pitfall. A simple glance at the lyrics above will tell you on what end of the religious spectrum this band lies. Yah.

But how, how can an anti-religious angry young man like myself even countenance something so egregiously jebus crastian and, even worse, actually enjoy it? Fact is, I love metalcore in general and tend to focus more on the musical styles and the feelings evoked by them more than the actual lyrical content. HTML Rulez was really the first metalcore track I listened to and the one that got me hooked. The song was perfect: Mike Hranica's deathly screams counterpointed beautifully with Jeremy dePoyster's almost angelic clean vocals, that "thoom thoom thoom" p;ercussion in the middle and the vicious breakdown at the end just had me in the music's thrall from the very beginning.

The thing I like about TDWP most is how ambiguous most of their lyrics are. You'll get the occassional "Christ is the deduction" and stuff, but generally you'll just get fuzzy, almost deist proclamations like "all glory to the one in existence", "all of love can be traced to a maker" and so on. This is a really good thing as it takes a very small mental flip to turn them into anthems for my favorite sci-fi/fantasy franchise, Warhammer 40,000. In fact, I recently made a mental exercise of matching each of the books in the Gaunt's Ghosts series with a song by TDWP. HTML Rulez d00d got Sabbat Martyr, for example (which I'll be ranting about later).

Another thing is, I can also agree with a lot of their lyrics too. The band's name was meant to be anit-materialistic (as in possessions materialistic) and I kind of concur with that. Also, lyrics like "the concept of fashion(...) painting a portrait of convictionless existence" and "Emeralds hold no hope" are quite profoundly agreeable. All in all, I'll say that good music knows no boundaries, be they political, cultural or religious. Until they start saying stuff like "teach the controversy", "you're going to burn in hell while we're chilling with Jesus" or "god hates faggots/atheists/evilutionists" or whatever is the day I'll stop listening to them.


  1. There are a lot of “Christians” out there who a harsh with their words and cut down those who need lifted up. Don’t ever let one of those people get into you head. God does not know hatred. He has an overwhelming love for all of his children, even those turned against him. If you had a child and cared for him/her but they turned their back on you, could you stop loving them? God's love is even greater than man's. Whatever a person does, God will love them just the same. Also, the Bible states what sin is. Lying is a sin just like homosexuality is a sin. Sin is sin and we are all sinners. There is no running from that statement. For a person to point fingers at another because of their type of sins is so hypocritical. Only one man walked the earth living a perfect life, and that was God himself. I just wanted to say that in order to make it clear that God does NOT hate faggots(repulsive word)/atheists/evolutionists. He hates no one. I'm sorry if these thoughts seem disorganized but I wanted to share with you. Whatever decisions you make in life, you are loved. Ultimately yes, there are two destinations after this life and the blood of Jesus Christ is all that can save you, but while you are here, there is a Father in Heaven who loves you more than any human can. Please just think on this. You don’t have to listen to any of the words I’ve typed but just remember that there is a Savior who is dying (literally has died) for you to return some love and accept Him. Thanks for this small amount of time you have given me.

  2. Just to clarify, I'm just letting these comments come as they are. No real point in censoring them, and also no point replying to them - I'm not anticipating the commenters to check back anyway.

    Interesting note - most comments I receive tend to be from theists trying to clear up my "misconceptions"...